DIY - Shabby Chic Coffee Table (Written in English)

(Contenido en inglés a petición)
I've been asked to make a tutorial about how i made this beautiful coffee table.

·     24 wood fence posts (mine measures aprox 4714in x x234in x 234in). 6 will be the support (3 + 3) and the rest (18) for the top of the table (the number will be calculated depending of your post lenght). The lenght of the top of the table will be the lenght of your post.
·     spax fence fastening set (comes with brackets and special screws for wood)
·     Paint
·     Drill
·     Screwdriver

Start mounting the support and then connect the top of table post by post to the support

Don’t build it upside down because you will not be able to turn it upright once mounted because of the weight

Paint the posts before mounting

Assemble the support first (at least 2 screws per post conecting one post to the following one as shows the picture).

(Don't be confused with the picture below with 4 posts. I finally used only 3 to match the post lenght with the table lenght)
 Once the support it's done, continue with the top of the table


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